Inspiring the ACT

Promoting and connecting STEM and entrepreneurship

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Science in ACTion – 2015 edition!

Science in ACTion is designed to be a free, fun, family event with interactive science and technology displays. It was held in the Former Transport Depot (Old Bus Depot) in Kingston. I was so impressed by how these (mostly) high-level scientific and research organisations made their work accessible to “normal” people, without a science degree! I learnt so much!!

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2015 National Science Week Launch

This was my first National Science Week in the ACT and WOW! What a week it was! Celebrating the theme of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, we had a full program of exciting live science events around the ACT – starting with the Launch of National Science Week!

This year’s launch was at the impressive National Library of Australia – a fitting location to “Ignite Your Imagination”!

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Inspiring Australia is a national strategy to help build connections between scientists, organisations, businesses, and students to foster public participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and innovation. Inspiring the ACT is the local action to help bring the national strategy to life!

Australia needs a scientifically literate community, a more technologically-skilled workforce, and scientifically well-informed decision makers. We want a society that is inspired by and values scientific endeavour, that attracts increasing national and international interest in its science, that critically engages with key scientific issues and encourages young people to pursue scientific studies and careers.

The ACT is renowned for its strength in knowledge-based industries, including government services, information and communications technology (ICT), space and spatial science, defence and security, health, sport science and renewable energy. The ACT Government’s recently released Confident & Business Ready – Building On Our Strengths report also identifies Innovation as a vital part of the ACT economic journey.


Build and strengthen science networks and partnerships in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors


Support initiatives that increase engagement in STEM and entrepreneurship in the ACT across the community, business and government sectors.


Motivate Territorians from all walks of life to understand and get involved in the sciences


Inspire young people to consider pursuing their passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics through further study or innovative and entrepreneurial thinking

Inspiring Australia Strategy

Inspiring Australia is a national strategy to help science researchers, communicators and governments to better work together to improve the quality, reach and impact of science engagement in Australia.

The goal is to use the broad principles and recommendations of the Inspiring Australia report to drive a national, coordinated strategy to develop a scientifically engaged Australia

The National Inspiring Australia Strategy

ACT Business Development Strategy

A strong and sustainable economy is essential for us to meet the needs of the Canberra community now and into the future. We know that our economy will grow as we are diversifying our private sector and that this in turn will create new jobs. That’s why the ACT Government is focussed on continuing to create the right business environment and using our competitive strengths to accelerate innovation and investment.

Confident and Business Ready


National Science Week

Provide support,funding and promotion for the ACT National Science Week Committee and Science Week activities as well as encouraging more organisations and communities to be involved in National Science Week.


Live Science Events

We are encouraging and supporting the establishment of live events that appeal to the public and are held outside of National Science Week and also outside traditional settings to enable as many people as possible to understand science and its importance.


STEM Careers

We are providing support and sponsorship to help inspire our young people to undertake studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as supporting innovative and entrepreneurial activity in the ACT.

STEM careers


Science Tourism

We are partnering with tourism bodies and operators to promote the science in key tourism destinations around the ACT.

Science Tourism