2015 National Science Week Launch

2015 National Science Week Launch

This was my first National Science Week in the ACT and WOW! What a week it was! Celebrating the theme of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, we had a full program of exciting live science events around the ACT – starting with the Launch of National Science Week!

This year’s launch was at the impressive National Library of Australia – a fitting location to “Ignite Your Imagination”!

Science Week Launch


We started proceedings with a Community Launch. It was so great to see a wide range of families and community members coming together to celebrate science!



From what I understand, it wouldn’t be Science Week without the always entertaining, always educational Dr. Graham Walker’s Science Show-Offs! Another first for me as I enjoyed learning (more) about pressure and molecules:





We were then treated to dance routines inspired by the feathered Liz Lea Dance and her enthusiastic students from Radford College performing the Light Dance.




After that, it was time to move upstairs to the foyer of the Library, for the more formal proceedings of the Official Launch. Director-General of the Library, Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM, opened the proceedings, followed my our MC for the evening, Dr. Merryn McKinnon (Chair of the ACT National Science Week Committee), Professor Brian Schmidt (Nobel Laureate) and Meegan Fitzharris (ACT Legislative Assembly).






After all that talking (although, to be fair, it WAS inspiring talk!), it was time for some action!

The future of science is in good hands, if the students at Melrose High School and their Prime Minister’s 2014 Award Winning science teacher Geoff McNamara are any indication! They presented an informative and engaging description of their work on emission spectra and what that has taught us about life, the universe and everything:



We also learned about how light behaves in lasers and optic fibres:




Even Swinburne University’s Alan Duffy and Science and Technology’s Catriona Jackson found it fascinating!

We were then further entertained by Liz Lea and Radford College’s Light Dance and more Science Show Off’s (for those brave enough to endure the cold!):




All in all, a very inspirational evening of science!

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the week 🙂

~ Ingrid – Inspiring Australia ACT Program Manager