2017 ACT National Science Week Seed Grants!

2017 ACT National Science Week Seed Grants!

We have another raft of exciting events coming your way this Science Week, thanks to the ACT National Science Week Coordinating Committee’s Seed Grants! Check out the successful Seed Grants for 2017 (and get along to at least one of their events!):

Australian Academy of Science – Super Science Pub Trivia!

The Academy is developing a night where trivia lovers can pit themselves against some of Canberra’s best scientific minds. Drawing on Fellows from the Australian Academy of Science and other local expert scientists, there will be several rounds of questions drawn from the Academy’s website Nova: science for curious minds (that’s where I’d go to brush up!). There will also be some “Who Am I?” and “Name this discovery” questions, receiving separate science-themed prizes. And never fear, not all questions will be science-themed! So get your geek on and be in it to win great prizes!

Australian Dance Party – ‘Mine!’ – A contemporary dance and science work

The  Australian Dance Party will be performing an excerpt of Mine! at the Science in ACTion Community Day on Saturday 12 August, at the Old Bus Depot. Mine! is  new contemporary dance work, drawing from research by the Australia Institute, media and popular culture. It will examine issues, behaviours, and idealogies around both the mining industry and an ideology around self-entitlement and excess. Established in 2016 by serial collaborator, dance and physical theatre artist, Alison Plevey The Party is inspired by the political identity of Canberra and in fueling its professional dance community. The performance will be FREE – so get along!

Photo: Lorna Sim

The Wholesome Show – Scientists Who Bloody Love Their Jobs!

From the National Centre for Public Awareness of Science at ANU who bring you the Wholesome Show, is this Science Week special event! Come along to the Wig and Pen on the ANU Campus on Wednesday 16 August at 7:30pm for a beverage of your choice, a great pub dinner and to listen to Rod and Will interview a bunch of scientists who bloody love their jobs (a lot!).  After the event the interviews will be instantly (well, within the hour) podcasted on The Wholesome Show podcast channel. The goal of the evening is to humanise scientists (they aren’t all old blokes in labcoats, you know!) and to show the joys of a scientific career. And to have a great night out. Be there!

Photo: Ingrid McCarthy

Maffick – Sustainable Stand Up

From zero to standup in six weeks. . This is a rare opportunity for scientists, engineers and sustainability professionals to work in person with international stand up coach, Belina Raffy to become a better presenter and a powerful force for good. This is an innovative science communication workshop for scientists, engineers, and sustainability consultants who make the world better, comprising workshops leading up to a comedy show. It will equip participants with a powerful form of humour that engages, illuminates complex issues in clear ways, and inspires audiences to think differently. Canberra scientists have enthusiastically embraced the idea, with workshops now SOLD OUT! But get yourself along to Smiths Alternative Bookshop on Saturday 26 August at 7pm, to enjoy the fruits of their labours!

Shirty Science

Shirty Science aims to bring research out of the lab by sitting scientists down with artists to come up with a shirt design that represents their research. In order to extend the involvement of the community beyond scientists and artists, the shirts will be displayed both physically, in a public Canberra location and virtually online, where the concept of each shirt can be explored and purchased. All shirt designs will be displayed in a public location for the length of National Science Week, allowing anyone to come and see the shirts.

Photo: Shirty Science

Canberra Astronomical Society – Sidewalk Astronomy

Canberra Astronomical Society is aiming for the stars with 3 great events around Canberra. In Gunghalin, on 14 August from 6pm, amateur astronomers will set up telescopes (we are thinking outside of Gunghalin Library – keep an eye on the Science Week Website for details!) and show members of the public what they can see in the sky. Woden is next on the 16 of August and then on 18 August there is the usual ANU Public Night at Mt Stromlo from 7pm. It’s all weather dependent, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for those crisp, clear Canberra winter nights!

Australian National Botanic Gardens – Seed Treatment Workshops, Documentary Film Night and Speed Date a Scientist

A plethora of activities for Science Week at the Australian National Botanic Gardens! First up, Seed Treatment workshops – not all seeds germinate easily. Some need special physical or chemical conditions so that in natural habitats the seed only germinate in favourable conditions.Undertake a scientific experiment to test what seed treatments work best on one of our local natives. After the session take home your specimens to watch them grow! Suitable for all ages (children 5 and under need to be accompanied by an adult). At the ANBG on 13 and 20 August! Then, join the Australian National Botanic Gardens in highlighting Australian conservation and research stories during our movie night at the Gardens. With the screening of two Australian short films ‘Maratus’ and ‘Sticky’.

Photo: Simon Cunich

MYCOPOWER – Mushrooms VS School Waste

This year at Science in ACTion on both the Schools Day on 11 August and the Community Day on Saturday 12 August, Fungi Co are showing kids, teachers and YOU how mushrooms transform waste (mycoremediation for curious minds that need to know!). Through a series of workshops, demonstrations, case studies and discussion you will have the knowledge, skills material and resources to implement your own sustainability projects using fungi!

Photo: Ingrid McCarthy

Phil Up On Science – Science in the Pub

Dr Phil Dooley from Phil Up On Science will MC two highly entertaining, and certainly informative evenings at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop. The first on 1 August, is Physics & Astro (the “sexy” science!) – local physicists show off their research in a relaxed environment. From astronomy and satellites, through ocean circulation, and how visualising an eight-dimensional sphere can help you understand time travel, come along and get your mind blown. The second on 2 September, is Health & Medical (the “good” science!) – it could be icky, it could be confronting, it could be fun and it will certainly be interesting! Medical researchers from ANU, Canberra Hospital and the University of Canberra present the latest advances in their research, from gene therapy to Alzheimers to cancer treatment. Grab a drink and a snack and prepare to be amazed!

Photo: Dr Phil Dooley

Engineers Australia – Science/Fiction

Many see Science and the Arts as two polar opposites, one dealing in hard evidence based discussion, the other in imagination and emotion, but is this really the case? Science/ Fiction discusses how Science fact influences Science Fiction and how our modern literary works reflect current scientific discovery. Engineers Australia Canberra office brings us  Canberran and award-winning novelist, Daniel O’Malley (TBC), to discuss the research and science that influenced his award-winning book award-winning sequel ‘Stiletto’, and will source a panel of scientists will discuss their ‘Science fiction’ research that is happening right now, in this town. Keep an eye on the Science Week website for details!