Is the cat in the box? Is it not in the box? What chance does the cat have of being in the box? Dr Peter J. Riggs will be taking his audience on a journey of accepting the uncertain nature of the world in his public lecture series at the ANU on Quantum Science.

Following on from his previous lectures on topics such as time travel and the Big Bang, Dr Riggs will be engaging a Canberra audience with a new lecture on the oddities of Quantum Science at the Finkel Theatre ANU at 6:30pm on the 21st of September.

What is Quantum Science? Quantum science aims to describe some very strange behaviour of the world around us at the micro level. In classical mechanics an object has a specific place and a time – therefore ‘The cat is in the box now.’

Quantum science tips what is certain on its head where objects exist on a scale of probability of being at point A or B – for example ‘The cat is in the box, the cat is not in the box?’

“Quantum Science has many unanswered questions regarding the nature of reality at the smallest scale. I find this the most interesting aspect been trying to find answers to these questions,” comments Dr Riggs.

Dr Riggs, a physicist and philosopher at the ANU, is enthusiastic about getting Canberra engaged in physics and knowing what research is being done in their backyard.

Here in Canberra (at ANU) some of the best research into quantum science in the world is done,” says Dr Riggs.  “This cutting edge research is not only giving us insights to the quantum level of reality but will result in new technological advances as all our modern technology, like computers and iPhones, work because of quantum science.”

The public lecture series is part of science outreach Dr Riggs enthusiastically brings to his Canberra audiences.

Canberra is a well -informed community that likes to know what’s happening…people should be rightly proud of ANU’s on-going contribution to this field. At the personal level, I also enjoy the interaction with the public and am always pleased to see their interest,” says Dr Riggs.

If you would like to attend Dr Riggs’ lecture it will be held from 6:30 – 7:30 at the Finkel Theatre John Curtain Medical Research Centre ANU on the 21st of September entry is free and members of the public welcome.