Canberra’s scientists in the making had some extra fun experimenting with play dough, electronics and robotics in Ohm Innovation’s workshops for National Science Week.

Children and their excited parents had ‘hands-on’ learning about robots and electronics through play on the 13th of August at the CBR Innovation Network building.

Parents and their children, working in teams, put their knowledge and skills to the test putting the fundamentals of robotics and electronics into their creative designs.

Children used play dough moulded into shapes or their own design, with circuits and even household odds and ends like toothbrushes in their electronic creations all the while learning about their robotic constructions.


Event organiser Mr Arvind Ramana was thrilled with the enthusiasm from Canberra’s children and their parents.

We were overwhelmed by the interest and awareness that the kids demonstrated, says Mr Ramana. “There were families who travelled over 70Kms for the workshop, kids who brought in their own kits to add to our circuits and one kid, who in spite of a broken leg, limped his way to the workshop. He was obviously in pain – but his quest to learn was admirable.”

Interest in the workshops for National Science Week was so high, that organisers needed to allow extra room for the keen walk-ins who were unable to book online for the sold-out event.

Due to the success of the event, organiser Ohm Innovations is considering running the workshops on a regular basis potentially working with play groups and schools to bring their fun and innovative robotics to more of Canberra.

‘Electronics with Robots and Play Dough’ was part of a series of events for National Science Week aimed as igniting people’s imaginations with science and interested in how they can engage with science.