Movie-goers got more for their admission at Palace Electric Cinema for National Science Week as patrons were treated to Sci-Fi films, choc tops, popcorn and Q&A with scientists in the field.

“Science at the Movies” featured blockbuster thrillers I-Robot, Martian and Interstellar at the niche cinema in New Acton followed by discussion with panels of experts including:


The ACT National Science Week Coordinating Committee who organised the three movie nights, encourages Canberrans to ‘Ignite your Imagination’ for National Science Week – using feature films to get people engaged with science and scientists in the community.

One of the event organisers, Ingrid McCarthy, was pleased with the number of Canberrans who came to the event across the three evenings, said “The movies are a great platform to get people thinking about science in a new light, it’s fantastic to see so many people engaging with events across National Science Week.”


The three feature films chosen for Science at the Movies tie in well with National Science Week’s school theme of “Drones, Droids and Robots” each film showcasing how interest in STEM subjects could translate to greater jumps in technology in the future.


Attendee of the event Caitlin Miller remarked,

“It was really interesting to hear the discussion from the panel after the movie – to hear the real world scientist’s take on Sci-Fi fantasy – that fantasy might not be that far in the future!”


The event, as part of National Science Week 2016, was held from the 13th to the 21st of August, encouraged people to go out and engage with science in their local community through a variety of events held across the country.


Event organisers for National Science Week were also keen to show that events are not just for the school kids with a range of activities for adults including a variety of 18+ events such as “Whisky Business”.

National Science Week in the ACT hosted a range of interactive events including making your own wearable tech, 3D printing your own chocolate mould and even a little bit of physics in the pub.

Canberrans, with a large number of scientific institutions in their backyard, were spoilt for choice with events to cater to everyone across the week, setting that bar high for National Science Week 2017.